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We are a very well-known facility in Northampton that provides a range of car services for all types of vehicles. Our friendly, regularly trained team of highly experienced technicians, use only the latest machinery and vast stock of OE-grade spares in order to offer multiple automotive services with accuracy and efficiency.

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Here’s why we can be your go-to destination for automotive needs:


Our DVSA-certified technicians conduct MOT Northampton at affordable rates. They determine your vehicle’s roadworthiness and offer VT20 (Pass) and VT30 (Fail) certificates depending on the results.

Remember, driving with an MOT-failed vehicle is illegal and can result in heavy penalties (except for when you are driving to an MOT centre with an MOT appointment). In case of MOT failure, you can avail of post-MOT repairs from us, after which you can go for a free partial re-test. But this must be done within 10 working days of the original test date.

Suspension Check

Do you feel every bump in the road when driving? Does your car sit heavily on one side while parked? Or does it nosedive when braking?

If so, these are clear signs of an issue with your vehicle's suspension system. Come to us for a professional suspension check as soon as possible. After locating the fault, we will replace the defective component(s) using O.E grade spares.

Battery Replacement

Are your car’s headlights dimmer than usual or does it need several attempts to start your vehicle?

Then, there might be an issue with your vehicle's battery. Visit our Northampton Garage for a battery replacement Northampton, and we will promptly fix the issue.

Exhaust Service

An optimally performing exhaust system is crucial to your car's on-road performance. When you come to our workshop for an exhaust check Northampton, we thoroughly inspect every component. Then we replace any faulty ones (unfortunately, repairs are not considered to be safe) to prevent any further issues down the line.

Additionally, we also provide:

  • Car Service
  • DPF Cleaning
  • Breakdown Recovery
  • and many other services

Please have a closer look at this website. You will find detailed information about all our services.

You can book all our services online by using the booking section on our website or visit our Garage in Northampton.

If you have any questions or prefer to make a booking over the phone, please call us on 07469940084

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