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Are you looking for Air Con Regas Northampton for your vehicle?

A car’s cooling system may not be one of its critical features, but it certainly is essential for a comfortable drive.

In summer it is near unthinkable to drive without the air conditioning turned on, so to maintain that quality of life, do a regular check on its refrigerant level as early as every two years.

Refrigerant is the liquid that flows through the entire cooling system of your car. As it passes through the car chamber, it absorbs warm air, thereby decreasing overall temperature in the vehicle chamber.

If there is a leak in this cooling system, then the level of coolant will be relatively low, which should show some symptoms.

While there is no manual indication of whether your air conditioning refrigerant is at its recommended charge or not, there are some signs that can tell you if you need a recharge.

There may also be a leak, so if you notice any of these signs, drive to MTM Fleet.

If your air conditioning is blowing hot air that is an obvious sign of something drastically wrong with the cooling system. Take the car to any garage as soon as you notice this symptom.

You may notice some visible leaks in the chamber of your car in the form of a thin greasy line. This is a clear sign of leakage.

The most significant indicator of low levels of coolant gas is when you cannot hear the clutch engaging since a clutch reads the level of coolant and then activates.

The last sign of low coolant levels is when there is ice on the compressor. This indicates that moisture has replaced the coolant and it is condensed in the form of ice.

Consider paying MTM Fleet a visit if you want to check and refill your refrigerant fluid.

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