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Are you looking for MOT Northampton?

Is your vehicle’s annual MOT due soon? Then search no further for “MOT garages near me” and come straight to MTM Fleet. We are a DVSA-authorised garage conducting Cass 4 and 7 MOT Northampton at affordable rates.

We strictly abide by all DVSA guidelines to carry out each inspection. Our technicians will carefully inspect all necessary components. For this, we use only best-in-class tools and latest technology.

What is an MOT?

The MOT is an annual and mandatory vehicle test. This test is compulsory if your vehicle is 3 years or older. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) regulates this test. The DVSA has a set of guidelines and procedures to help run this check.

This test helps determine the roadworthiness and the environmental friendliness of a vehicle. As mentioned before, this test must be done once a year. If not conducted, it can result in several legal issues and hefty fines.

Here are some of the components that we look at during an MOT Northampton.

Our technicians examine many components. Here are some of them:

Seats and seat belts

We check a car’s seats to determine if every seat is well-fitted. Our technicians also check if the seats can be moved and put back into an upright position. We also examine all seat belts to make sure they are note loose and click in correctly.

Emission and exhaust

We check the exhaust system and measure the emission levels. With this, we ensure that the emission levels are within the permissible limits causing no harm to the environment.


Our checking is also for tread depth, tyre pressure level and the overall condition of the tyre. It is carried out to ensure that tyres are in proper working condition.

Other checks include steering, windscreen, windows, mirrors, horn, wheels, and number plates. Our inspection also includes lights, indicators, doors, number plates, wheels, overall body condition.

After all checks, we will issue MOT certificates as per the results of the checks:

VT20 Certificate

If your car clears the MOT in one go and has no issues or just a few minor faults, we issue a VT20 certificate. This certificate declares that your vehicle is roadworthy for a year. For minor faults a so-called advisory note will be issued.

VT30 Certificate

If any dangerous or major faults were found, the vehicle fails the MOT. We then issue a VT30 certificate. This certificate has a list of all the faulty components.

Fault categories in an MOT

The faults in components that we come across in an MOT are classified into three types:

  • Major
  • Minor
  • Dangerous

If your car has minor issues, it will still clear the MOT. However, minor faults must be fixed soon to ensure on-road safety. However, dangerous and major faults will cause MOT failure

Has your failed it’s MOT? At MTM Fleet, we can repair and replace the components mentioned in the VT30 certificate. If you get these fixes within ten days, we will also give you a partial MOT retest for free!

You can now book an MOT Northampton online from our website. Just put your vehicle’s registration number in our online booking tool. You can then pick a slot convenient for you.

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